Documenting Life and Business.

I’m Britta Jackson, photography and culture fiend. I’ve been a marketing manager, small business owner, event planner, photographer and writer for over 15 years. I love documenting moments as they are and spotting the unique truth telling details of a business, a person, a landscape.

Looking for photography? I specialize in lifestyle and artistic photography, hoping that we can capture a story, not only about you but about your surroundings, the moment, and the personalities. Let’s have fun!

Need some help with your small business? I offer limited consulting on marketing, getting started and communication as well as Project Management.


From burn out…

to living a creative life. I’ve had more jobs than I can count on two hands, of owned multiple businesses and worked with hundreds of clients. By 2020, with 2 small children, a new house in need of renovation and an overly booked marketing business on my hands, I was burnt out. Not to mention there was a mysterious potential pandemic on the horizon.

I took most of the past few years working on my family life, spending time exploring my artistic side, and daydreaming about all of the ideas I had swirling in my mind.

I didn’t miss much about running a busy business, but I did miss the relationship building. And of all things, I missed photography because my camera offers me a tool to help me engage with people in a different way.

In 2023, I’m launching this venture to become the best lifestyle and small business photographer in Grays Harbor county. It’s about being artsy, unusual and engaging. It brings together my passion for building a better Grays Harbor, one that is vibrant and interesting, with my skills in business and photography.

I want Grays Harbor to be a place that attracts interesting and unique people. I want to see more art. More murals. More shops. More restaurants. I’m doing what I can to raise awareness and provide support to others who are joining in this effort.

Social Media Meetup

January 25, 12:30-2pm

Location TBD (Aberdeen, WA)

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