I’ve been a small business owner for many years and enjoyed it, with the ups and downs, lightning bolts of inspiration, lulls, changes and more. The stress and unpredictability of it all has driven me to start new projects, explore an idea just to throw it out the window, invest everything in a business to minor success, and happen upon a business with wild growth.

But, when I entered my mid-30’s with a baby on the way and a mind that was easily distracted by the future, I started to get discouraged in a big way. With a baby to care for, a home based business and living in a small town where my company was the only one of it’s kind, essentially, in my area – it was rough! I was missing connections, motivation, real information, a to-do list. I didn’t need networking events where I’d just get chatted up by business loan specialists and I didn’t have time or extra cash to spend to hire someone to be my life coach.

I needed a list of things to do that was doable, some accountability to get it done, and a way to find inspiration that didn’t involve spending my entire life “hustling.”

While I am a devourer of content about marketing and business creation, I knew that the lifestyle I so often see was not for me. I didn’t want to become a manager of a large team. I didn’t want to work nights and weekends. I don’t really care that much about becoming a billionaire! I love working but I also happen to love my family, coffee, my yoga practice, peace and quiet.

My experience has brought me here, something I’ve always dreamed of, and I’m just going to go ahead and start now. I want to help business owners find a more enjoyable and productive life through step-by-step guides, inspiration and accountability. I believe that’s what you need to succeed in anything. Only one or two of those without the third will lead you down the wrong path.

You need knowledge, passion and community. It’s the only way to go.