We live in a weird time. I mainly think it’s weird because I remember a time before Social Media made all of us depressed, anxious and doubting of our own value.

Possibly the only redeeming quality of Facebook these days is the ability to look back at what I posted in years’ past to see that I gave very little care to what I was sharing 5+ years ago and also nobody even liked it and it didn’t matter.

Why is that gone?

I’m also a business owner. A business owner who does marketing strategy for a living. A business owner who does marketing strategy for a living but also kind of hates social media and the overproduction of “lifestyle brands” and the negative effects it’s having on our society (especially kids!) but also can see how effective these methods are for selling things/ideas and therefore can’t really fully defect from social media altogether but would like to have a better understanding of the psychology behind it so we can use it without becoming piles of sadness.

I could probably write a whole book wherein I just complain about why everything sucks right now for people like me who have been working on entrepreneurial goals since I was 5 but now I have to compete with every knockoff “life coach” out there who just really wants to drive fancy cars and go on vacation… but I also believe that being positive and hopeful are necessary not just for business but for basic human survival, so let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

Instead, I want to share about my experience and research on the topics of business, balance, grit, and authenticity. I have some theories, and I’m going to do my best to keep track of them here. Hopefully, giving my readers some insight.

I’m not a self help guru. I don’t want to be (in fact, I really don’t like giving “advice” to people… and I don’t like getting advice from people either). Rather, I like sharing my personal experiences in hopes that someone else might glean some new perspective that they hadn’t thought of before. I believe that true inspiration and innovation comes from big picture thinking, rather than being given a to-do list or template for success.

I hope you’ll join me on the trek. It’s part diary, part research paper, part marketing/business education plus probably quite a few notes about being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and business advisor.

And, please, if you have questions reach out to me. One of my biggest struggles with using online mediums to share things is that I often feel that I’m speaking into the void. I’d happily spend hours chatting 1 on 1 with a real human, but just blurting out my thoughts generally is overwhelming. So, having questions will really help me direct my thoughts and give me some accountability.

Which leads me into my first theory. Accountability. We all need it. For more than just going to the gym… more on that soon!