I’m starting another business!

It’s called Oh Hi Handpies, sweet and savory handmade handpies using mostly ingredients produced within 100 miles of Elma, Washington – the heart of Grays Harbor’s farmland.

Why? How did I get here? What’s going to happen with my other business, alder|creative?

Let me start here: I love starting businesses. This is why alder|creative is such a great fit for me – I’m incredibly passionate about fleshing out ideas, finding focus, putting some numbers and graphics behind an idea and testing theories. I love the excitement of a launch.

On the other hand, it can be really, really hard to run a creative business BECAUSE I care too much. Ok, it’s probably because I’m a little overconfident in my knowledge and experience and I get my feelings hurt easily, but it’s really hard to see clients who struggle – especially when they are unwilling or unable to utilize our expertise.

As an experiment, an outlet, something completely different, I decided it was time to start another side gig. Not only for myself, but for those clients who need to see some of these marketing and business strategies in action to implement the lessons in their own businesses.

It’s an idea I’ve had for years, since my college roommate taught our whole house how to make Irish Pasties (FYI pronounced past not paste) for St. Patrick’s Day one year. I just thought – why is this not a thing here? This is my dream snack!

A few years later I went to England and was on the hunt for pasties – savory hand pies that were sold in little shops and taken to-go. Forget all of our American Drive-Thru’s… this is what I’ve been looking for. So quaint, buttery, rich and full of hearty and real food.

That was 10 years ago. I’ve started 2 other businesses since then that have nothing to do with food but have taught me great lessons. The idea has slowly come to fruition, gaining bits and pieces of what could actually make it a viable business, and in recent years I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the local farming industry and thought – hey, I could promote our local food in a way I’m passionate about AND make delicious handpies for people to enjoy and share.

So, here I am. Yes, a little burnt out from serving so many different clients over the past 5 years and just wanting to get my hands dirty again.

Not only am I doing this because I love easy and tasty to-go food, farming, and small businesses… but I’m excited to share the journey with you all. I want to use this business as an opportunity to document the process, the highs and lows, and what it really takes to get a business off the ground.

And, I’ve never started a food industry business before! I’ve got a lot to learn and I plan on sharing this with everyone.