The last few months have been a wild ride. As I posted about a while back, I started working a full time position. It was great in so many ways! But I’m analytic to the core, and spent a great deal of time while in the position weighing all of the factors that went into me working.

Was it the best use of my time?

Maybe, maybe not. It was great to have the added income. Our business was doing well, somehow, without me in it every day. I had about 6 hours of commute time each week which I mostly used to talk with friends or my husband.

I didn’t get around to listening to audiobooks or writing a book of my own via some voice transcription app. I just chatted. That’s what I do. I like to talk. Spending 6 hours trapped alone in the car was not my ideal situation it turns out.

Was it the best use of my spirit/energy?

I had high hopes of doing great things, but as in many jobs, it’s easy to get bogged down in the every day stuff that keeps coming your way. It felt difficult to get ahead. It felt a lot like what I had been feeling with my own personal business/career work… which was exactly what I was trying to get away from.

Long term goals

Throughout the few months I was working, I had lost sight of some of my longer term goals. It was challenging to stay focused on my business and personal goals when I had so many things to manage at work. Despite the technical ability to “leave it at work” when I headed out at 5pm every day, the stress followed me. I might not have been staying up late working, but my mind didn’t rest.


So, I pulled the plug and came right back to where I started. My personal goal is to be a leader in helping others build strong businesses. This was one attempt that wasn’t the right fit. I’m reigniting my blog here to help me find a fresh outlook on my goal and I hope you’ll follow along.

Apparently I can’t stay away from the entrepreneurial life!

I’ve got more posts coming up in what I hope to be a more well rounded representation and, essentially, a journal of how we do life here in our small town… as a family, as business owners, community members, and more.