We now have 2 kids. And they’ve essentially made me question whether I really need sleep, since I seem to function on so very little of it. Today, when my baby woke up to eat at 5am, I thought… maybe I’ll just get up for the day.

Well, “up” as in laying in bed and working on some social media posts.

Now I’m officially up and thought I’d write on my blog because that never happens anymore! And both kids are asleep and Eric is making coffee. Is getting up early the key to happiness?

I always laughed when people gave advice to get up before your kids. Maura woke up at 4:30am most of her young life, so it didn’t seem like it would ever be an option.

However, since moving into our new house, which has A LOT of nice big windows that make sending a kid to bed while the sun is still up in the summer very difficult, Maura has been getting to bed later than we’d prefer… which conveniently means she sleeps in much longer than she used to. And our baby, Oscar, is the sleepiest baby ever.

So, here I am. A mom who used to sleep in until 11am as a young 20-something and now voluntarily wakes up at 5am.