I have been itching to renew my wardrobe a bit since lately I’ve really just been rotating through the same few sweaters and skirts/leggings over and over again! I’ve been wishing to have a high quality capsule wardrobe that I could plan out and purchase ethical/sustainable clothes – and turns out my tastes/wishes are expensive! So, I’m working on a #memade version of a lot of the items I would love to have.

The bonus of sewing my own clothes – I can customize some of the elements like lengths and details fairly easily. And I can find fabrics and patterns I really love and make multiple pieces of each!

Envisioning a plan

I’ve become pretty analytical about the types of clothes I wear, which makes sewing 1000x easier! I love a good oversized sweater, funnel necks, high waisted bottoms (french tucks too), boxy but flowy clothes, and cozy cozy cozy!

I used this collection of images to really visualize what I’m feeling for fall. This fall, we’ll likely not be going “out” much since we’re still under COVID-19 restrictions, so I figured every item I make had better be comfy enough to warrant wanting to spend all day lounging around my house in it. Unfortunately, that helped me make the decision to cut out any fun dresses, because in reality, I’m just not going to wear them.

I really wanted to find a few pattern I love and then make multiple versions of each. I’ve already made one of the Bo Tops and one of the Oliver tops and know that I LOVE them, so I intend to make a few of each with different fabrics. The Oliver Top is roomy and cozy and versatile, so I want to make it in a few basic colors of sweater knits and a waffle knit version.

The splurges I have include one dress and the Hilary Top from Tessuti Patterns, in a fabric I can still wear at home but can dress up for some holiday family photos.

Also, the Wiksten Haori jacket I plan to make out of canvas. And if I want to get fancy, I may try a quilted version!

I’ve also been living in flowy skirts this summer and I’d like to continue that into the fall, so I’m super excited to try out the newest free pattern from Peppermint Magazine! A gathered skirt with pockets!

Most of the other patterns seen here are from Seamwork! I’ve got a link here for you to sign up and get a discount on your first month. It’s a subscription based website! I just signed up for the unlimited option and it has been so fun having access to so many patterns AND they offer a wardrobe planning workbook too.