Many of us have felt the pull to start a business at some point or another – but is it right for you? And how exactly do you do it anyway?

I’ve had a passion for business since I was very young! I was constantly trying to bring together class-mates and organize my friends into some kind of child led corporation. I can only imagine what that may have looked like to an adult, seeing a 7 year old – fed up with the system – trying to make something happen on their own.

I love exploring ideas to see if they work and if I can take a pile of chaos – in thought or in literal stuff – and make sense of it.

And here I am – 30 years later, still pretty much doing the same thing. I’m not a millionaire as was the assumption of a mid-90’s kid with an entrepreneurial spirit, instead I’ve realized that business goes far beyond making money. For some, that is the motivation and the end-goal… but that’s not for everyone.

And, that fact alone is mind-boggling to so many.

I consider myself more of a small business nerd. I get very excited to learn about how businesses work, about the people who start small businesses, and how the two pieces intertwine.

So, you’re thinking about starting a business? There’s the basic business structure that most coaches would guide you through and are essentially the pieces of a standard Business Plan:

What are You Selling?

How are You Going to Sell it?

Does anyone really want to buy it?

How much will they pay?

But what about you? Why do you want to start a business? What kind of lifestyle are you looking to have as a business owner? What are your values? What are your goals? What do you imagine the day to day looking like and how much do you expect to get paid?

Whenever I consult with a client over the years, I have always made sure that all of that is covered in a discussion.

My focus in recent years has been on marketing and I still often ask all of those questions. Why? Because if you’re telling me you want to start a business and reach new customers, I can give you a million ways to do that. I can tell you that blogging might be the most effective tool for you – but will you do it? Is that the life you’re looking for?

Often, clients “fail” because the solutions provided (even if they are well thought out and strategic – as I believe them to be) just doesn’t fit with their own personal values and expectations. And SOMETIMES clients don’t even really know what those values and expectations are!

That’s ok. I believe being a business owner/entreprenuer (there’s a difference) is a lifelong discovery full of change and challenges. It’s not just about your business – it’s about you. Where you live matters. What technology you enjoy or hate matters. How you want to dress matters. Your personal finances matter. Your social life matters.

Exercise: Consider your daily life as it is now. Take stock in how you spend your time, what you enjoy and what you dislike. Answer the question: If money was no object, I would spend my day ______.

If you’re thinking about starting a business and have questions about getting started please comment below! I plan to follow up with some technical details. One of the first steps is registering your business name and ensuring your website domain is available. Check out the link below to get affordable hosting for your website – and they’re currently having a sale! (includes affiliate links)