3 years ago, almost to the day, I sold my marketing business. It was a huge transition and I only now feel like I’m coming out the other side, a chapter closed, a fresh start.

But with that comes new challenges. Part of transitioning away from my old business was that it was started with intentions that I had felt I was personally moving away from, it was growing on a path that wasn’t for me. But after a few years of breaking free from that, now I’m wondering if things haven’t changed even farther beyond what I had imagined.

Not to mention that in 2019 I started a baking business that changed multiple times over and is still continuing to pivot along with our changing and challenging economy. My dream is to create a business I can actually manage on my own, from home, while also being an attentive parent and partner AND, enjoying my life. Why is it so hard?

I’m now faced with the challenge of feeling like a newb in a world slightly altered where I had previously felt successful and busy. Starting a small business in a small town is a unique space. It’s not quaint and old fashioned, but instead we get to play in the global online economy without all of the connections that are more easily gained in urban environments. I would love to pivot my baking business into a content and education business, but making connections feels like being a new student in a very large high school. My own family or friend base aren’t content creators and while I do have some small business connections, it is still challenging for all of us to maintain consistency and find reasonable ways to promote each other online.

I have been in dreaming and strategy mode for a long while, trying to calculate the best trajectory. Now that I’ve found myself with a reasonable *plan* of sorts, it’s time to do something – put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and start making/doing.

Step one, content! So here I am. Attempting to develop a habit of writing and blogging again. It can be so hard to keep focused and I’m easily distracted – I need to make reels! Shoot photography! Bake something! Redesign my entire house! – but I’m here to simply write.

Where are you on your small business journey? I’d love to hear it! Comment below.