I don’t want to speak too soon, for fear of failure, but I’m attempting to write and post daily to my blog here – about business, small town life, and work – while also posting daily on my blog at Oh Hi Handpies about homesteading, food, and sustainability. I am a strategist at heart and, without anything really to strategize on, start going a little wild with theories and organizing things that really don’t need so much organizing.

So, I need to DO. I need to stop thinking and start. So, here I am. Attempting to write daily. Not worrying about how I’ll promote it on social media, or what images I’ll use, or how many people read it (because there are so very few who do right now), but that I need a bit more of a delusional attitude and belief that there can eventually be positive outcomes to this if I just trust in the process.

It’s easy to complain when you’re an independent creator or small business person. We really do have to deal with a heavy load at times and often don’t have much of anything or anyone to fall back on. We can’t easily blame someone else for our missteps and there are so many opportunities to get distracted, even with house work, random requests from friends and family, or our own wandering inspirations on Pinterest or Instagram. Balance and focus are not easy to come by, at least for me. It’s a constant effort and there’s an ebb and flow to it that I’ve come to respect.

Still, I’ve allowed myself a lot of time to feel some restoration to my mind after a wild few years, with Covid mentally shifting me and many people into survival mode. I need some better habits that help build up a foundation for a better future. So, here I am. Writing daily. Not focusing on the planning and strategy of it all, just writing about what’s happening today. Eventually, I can expand and improve, but for now I write.