I believe collaboration is essential for small town business. Even the biggest corporations know the value of collabs, so why do small businesses tend to isolate and silo themselves? Collaborations are a commitment or partnership between two businesses and their networks, sharing in the marketing efforts not only is helpful to your bottom line BUT it also creates a positive and attractive environment that customers want to join in on. Imagine, your business and another business are essentially having a fun time, who wouldn’t want to join?!

Collabs also don’t have to be huge marketing campaigns. It could be as simple as a piano teacher finding a local book store or musical instrument shop to purchase lesson books and instruments from, or sending their students there to get what they need.

What does your business buy regularly that could be turned into a collab or partnership? Sourcing local raw materials, working with local service providers, or wholesaling your products with a local retailer. These could all be considered collabs and should be treated as such! Consider promoting each other regularly on social media and on your websites or in person. Send customers to each other, as you’ll both benefit.

Want to step it up? Find a partner you can create something fresh and new with! An exclusive product or offer where you both get to work together in the creation and selling process, and therefore both benefit.

If you want to establish your business quickly, grow and look like you’re full of energy and excitement, collabs are the way to go! Plus, there’s the side benefit of growing your own network of support as a small business owner. It’s not easy out there and it’s nice to have a social support network that you can reach out to for a chat or feedback as needed.

Collabs create a tighter weave in the fabric of your industry or region, which makes it easier to catch more customers and remind them to support small businesses instead of big box retailers. Take a minute to write down 5 resources you need to run your business and consider if there’s a more local or small business option for you. Then take a minute to dream up 5 exciting products you’d love to make in a collaborative way with another business, whether you know they exist or not! Maybe putting out those good vibes will surprise you!