Toss the Stock Photography and Art!

Whether you’re using it in your marketing, your business location, or to decorate your own home… celebrate art, creativity and the beauty of our region with locally made and custom artwork.

Social Media Photography Package

Your customers want to see what you have to offer! And I’m guessing you’d like to not feel the constant burden of reinventing the wheel each day, creating content for your social media channels.

I shoot specifically for your marketing needs, so let’s talk about it! Your social media grid and stories deserve a custom presentation that highlights what you have to offer.

Want to make sure your brand is consistent across all platforms?

My background in small business and web design also provides you with the unique opportunity to use our photoshoot to build your marketing materials and website to highlight your vision and goals! I offer consulting on website UX, so you can take your layout and content to your web designer and complete projects faster and more efficiently.

Your photography needs are more than digital…

Bring your business to life through print and display photography! Large scale photos on walls, banners for your pop-up event booths, and more. Beautiful photography will help you gain attention from passers-by and create even more consistency in your brand.

And BONUS! We use our various content platforms to promote your business too.

As a lover of all things local in Grays Harbor, you bet I’ll be sharing everything I learn about your business (with your consent, of course) to my over 2000 social media followers and newsletter subscribers. My goal in all that I do is to build a better and more sustainable local economy, so I’m here to help you grow!

My photography and handmade artwork is inspired by my love for small town living! All work is available for interior design projects or print wholesale.

Here is a sampler of my work. Please contact me for more or to request a special commissioned piece.