From a young age, I became enamored with the world of business, marketing, sales and organization. I started clubs, ran lemonade stands, threw parties for absolutely no reason… and that was all by the age of 12.

I’ve certainly followed a path in my obvious love for small business and marketing, but more importantly, I’ve lived a creative life on my own terms.

For me, it hasn’t been about society’s definition of success, but my own ever changing ideals and passions. I want to help other people get unstuck or see a clearer way to get the life they desire.

I’ve had plenty of challenges. I’m a jack of all trades and incredibly curious about nearly everything, which can be distracting! I’ve dealt with some major health events and through that I have learned that I’m only human, and my life is about much more than productivity and popularity.

The experiences and challenges I’ve faced in my life have brought me to a new platform where I hope to share what I’ve learned with more people, beyond offering consulting or services. I have always been a deep thinker and I enjoy contemplating the stories of others in order to dissect and find inspiration. I hope you will do that here.

What I share is not about telling you exactly what to do or how to do it. You need to find those answers through your own experience, but I do have a lot of arrows to point you in the direction I’ve travelled.

Challenges, new people, new places excite me and I’ve realized that my own experience might be able to help you too.

I moved back to my hometown about 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe after all of the moving and changing I did in my 20’s! I love to reflect back on where I’ve been, as it helps me to see where I’m going. I really have had a lot of jobs! Some might see that as a negative trait, but I learned so much in such a short time about people, management (and mismanagement), common threads and my own struggles.

Here’s most of it starting from age 17.

Aberdeen Parks & Recreation Office Assistant
Kitchen Links Retail Sales
Grays Harbor PUD Energy Services Assistant
WWU Viking Commons Dining Hall
Agape Service Project: Program Manager
Catholic Campus Ministry Retreats Manager
Woodland Park Zoo Event Manager
Marriott Hotel Events Manager
Rising Stars Children’s Retail Assistant Manager
Passage Events: Promotional Representative
Grad Nights: Event Manager
Cocoon Youth Shelter: Development Assistant
The Children’s Museum, Seattle: Marketing Manager
Microsoft: Administrative Assistant
Archdiocese of Seattle, Program Camp Chef
Archdiocese of Seattle, Event DIrector
Fix Studio, Design and Marketing Assistant
Grays Harbor College: Program Manager
Photojojo/Parabo Press: Copywriter
Grays Harbor Talk: Writer
Thurston EDC: Event and Marketing Manager

Of course, I haven’t just had a bunch of jobs, I’ve also started a bunch of businesses! My first *official* business was Queen B Quilts, an web based service business creating custom quilts made from t-shirt collections sent in by my customers. I created quilts for folks across the country! I started this business when I graduated college in 2006 and have continued it on and off until 2021. That’s a lot of years! 

When I moved back to my hometown in 2011, I started a local community blog with friends and then also launched a storefront called Grays General Store with my mom. We were open for only a couple of years, selling fabrics, coffee, and gifts as well as teaching craft and sewing skills to the community. 

From there I realized my interest in writing and design, and founded a new business called alder|creative in 2013 with my partner/old acquaintance from high school (and now he is my husband). We built the business together for 7 years, helping 100’s of small businesses and non-profits build websites and marketing strategies. In 2020 we sold the business and continued to work there through the transition to new ownership.


Now, as I’m nearing closer and closer to 40 years old (WHAT), I wonder how in the world I did all of this?! I have achieved many of my goals and dreams including having a family and buying a home when I certainly at times wondered if any of that would ever be possible for me.

It has been an emotional journey, especially through the last few years of pandemic life. I’ve learned so much about my strengths but also my weaknesses and the pressure we have on us, especially women, in society to act and perform in a certain *acceptable* way.

I feel driven to share more now about my story, experiences and personal motivation because it seems more important than ever. I want to shine a light on how I have managed and share some tips to point you in the right direction on your own journey.